ex.e.r.ce 08:

ex.e.r.ce is a 7-month work period organized for 10 aged over 20 (forever and already) future dance artists and other people wishing to work in relation with this artistic field. ex.e.r.ce 08 will be associated and inter- act with "6months/1location", a project launched by Xavier Le Roy and Bojana Cvejic gathering 10 artists who will be working at the Centre chorégraphique during the same period. This link with "6M1L" plays a central role in the training program, functioning as a lab-space where projects can be developed and sha- red. The majority of coaches (or mediators) at ex.e.r.ce 08 will be the artists involved in "6M1L". They will be available to the exercees providing assistance for the exercees' projects, and inviting the exercees to take part in some of their own projects. The learning process will grow out of the working environment and ongoing interchange produced by the overlapping of ex.e.r.ce.08 and "6M1L". / you can find more information and application form at: C.C.N. Montpellier. /dead line 1st of June, 2007

The next production from Xavier le Roy, "Le sacre du Printemps" will premiere on the 27th of June in Lyon at "Les Subsistances" during the festival "Les Intranquilles". For more performances check at Xavier Le Roy under Tourplan + For more information contact Alexandra Wellensiek or Julie Josserand.